Your new reports are welcome! Especially, the informaion about the country where we have no information. You can directly upload an image you took by your digital camera (of course, a scanned image from a photo is also available).

Please agree as follows before you report information.

  1. An image of toilet is needed at least.
  2. An image format must be JPEG format.
  3. We open reporter's name publicly. (Handle is available)
  4. If we need, we'll contact you for getting more detail information. Please tell us your email address. (We do NOT open your email address publicly.)
  5. If your report is unsuitable for the aim of our site, we are sorry but it may not appear. And it is our decision.
  6. The right of use of the image you uploaded belongs to us. We might use it to other media etc. without reporter's agreement.


Send your name and email address > The URL for reporting will be sent to you > Input Information and submit > Approval of Webmaster > Appear on our site

Fill in form below and click submit button. The URL for report will be send to your emaill address automatically.

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