This site is presented by Utari Creates Tsukuba Institute. The theme of original our site is "Travel and Comparative culture". We provide travelogues with sounds by RealAudio™, many articles about comparative culture, sound library of Hongkong, quiz, and so on. "The world toilet information" is our main content. Our site is the most famous site about the toilets information of the world in Japan.

Japanese site - Utari Creates Tsukuba Institute
The Head,the Chief Researcher Ippei Koya loves traveling abroad. He has taken many photos of toilets of the world and opened the site named Utari Creates Tsukuba Institute in 1997. After that, many people who took photos of toilets gave us precious information about world toilets. Our site has become more valuable day by day. Now people who is plannig to go abroad can check what it is like before leave Japan.

We started our service on cellular phone web system in 2003. Now they can check toilet information on the way to an airport or a port.

We are really appreciate that this site becomes more complete and useful by the reports from all of the world. We are waiting for your reports. Thank you.

Utari Creates Tsukuba Institute :
http://tsukuba.utari.net/ (Japanese fonts needed)
World toilet information for cellular phone :
http://i.utari.net/ (Japanese fonts needed)
Here are two books Ippei Koya wrote,the world amazing comparative cultural travel series. One of them "Toire wa doko desuka?(Where is the restroom?)" contains toilet information of 25 countries. You can enjoy this book not only as materials but also as an unique "toilet travelogue".
Where is the restroom? Bigmac Please!!
Where is the restroom? Bigmac Please!!
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The other is "Bicmac please!!".
In this book, Local menus of McDonald's of the world are introduced. And also Drinks of the world,for Example Coca-Cola,Pepsi, and local original drinks are done. And more, you can enjoy stories about a phase of "No Problem!".

Now these books are published only in Japan. But every people who love traveling abroad could enjoy them. If you are interested in transrating them and publishing in your country, please contact us.