¶ INTRODUCTION - the most important travel conversation -
Sharlock Holmes Museum - U.K. When you travel abroad in a country you can not speak their language, if you feel hungry, what do you do? You should go to a market or a restaurant and point something you want to eat. Probably everyone can understand that you are hungry. It's easy to convey. But if you are going to toilet, What do you do? If you don't know how to say in the local language, it might be very difficult to find it. I can say definitly that the most important travel conversation is...

" Where is the restroom? "

It is very natual, but is it found in your travel guide book?

Red Fort - IndiaFurther, excretion is very important and foundamental behavior. How to do it is one of the conservative custom for everyone. If you travel abroad in a country which has another culture about toilet, It will be very difficult to accept for you.

This site provides you the information about the toilets of the world with their images. You can understand easily what it is like. We hope our site will be a guidepost of your travel.

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Your new reports are welcome! Especially, the informaion about the country where we have no information. You can directly upload an image you took by your digital camera (of course, a scanned image from a photo is also available).

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